121 Series

Each training module explains in detail a part of the sales process. When you have completed the series you will win much more business and overcome those obstacles that stand in the way of success. Available for download or on DVD. They will greatly improve your conversion rate.
Written and presented by Peter Clayton, trainer, speaker and author, who has delivered training courses worldwide. Peter is the author of best selling book on body language - Body Language at Work (Hamlyn Books)

Bring your knowledge up to date to tackle this changing market place. Winning new business will be much easier with new ideas and techniques that really work.

Based on the frequently asked questions (FAQ) we get asked at courses, seminars and on our development help line, they are both relevant and up to date, with helpful solutions. Together, the individual modules form a complete series that with improve your success in business development.


Often the difference between success and failure is working to a good sales plan. Having the right number of suspects and prospects is just as important as choosing the right type of prospects you need to suit your requirements. This really helpful module will save you plenty of time and trouble and get you through to the right people. The module includes planning, structure, suspects, prospects and customer management. You will have a clearer picture of the right suspects and prospects to suit your campaign.

It can be extremely frustrating getting through to decision makers, especially with other companies trying to do the same thing. There are now more effective ways of obtaining information, creating confidence and then getting receptionists and influencers to put you through to decision makers. This module also includes "what to say and how to say it."

We buy from people we trust. In business we call it rapport and it's difficult to sell until you create enough rapport to move forward. This module explains how rapport works and how to build rapport, confidence and trust step by step. Explained in a logical way, it will help with those difficult-to-please people and you will find it easy to get back on track when things don't go as planned.

A good answer to an objection can make all the difference. Many companies use the same answers not realising the poor impression it makes with receptionists and decision makers. Put off by listening to the same answers, most will cut the call or meeting short. This module will make it much easier for you to put together good, well considered answers to objections that will dramatically boost your success rate.

This important module looks at the essential tactics needed when selling to Senior Decision Makers and Policy Makers. We look at different ways to approach senior people and how to make sure your solution fits their requirements. As a result you will be able to win business at a much higher level.


Many sales are lost because the person you are selling to does not think as you do, and reacts to your approach with indifference. We all know that there are people in business who buy in their own different and specific ways. Profiling is extremely useful and easy to learn. You will be able to adapt your selling style to suit the different buying styles you come up against. This module explains how profiling works in sales and how beneficial it will be for every day use.

Being able to read body language signals, especially in business will make building rapport, selling and interviewing much easier. This module looks at many different signals, how to spot problems and then change tack and adjust your own body language for greatly improved results.